Scheduling meeting has never been easier


Delegate your appointment scheduling via email.

You need to schedule a one-to-one meeting, lunch, call?

Send an email to your contact and put slash@slashdesk.com in copy! Slash will then take over.


Express your scheduling request with a command line.

Express your scheduling requests by starting with @Slash

Example: "@Slash, schedule a call with Paul?"


Only the instructions after @Slash will be taken into account!

Let your contact pick a timeslot among your availabilities.

Slash analyzes your calendar and takes your meeting preferences into account to propose some available timeslots to your contact.

Your contact will validate the first proposal or click to see other available timeslots.


Wait for the meeting invite in your calendar.

Once a timeslot has been selected by your contact Slash confirm the event and create it in your calendar.

Slash will also automatically follow up with your contacts if they don't pick a timeslot (only for the Pro Plan)! 

We take security very seriously. As such, we have implemented measures to protect your data in compliance with the European GDPR.

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Only available for Google and Office365 calendars.